Workshop - Advanced Barbering 2.0

Workshop - Advanced Barbering 2.0

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Workshop - Advanced Barbering 2.0


Kl 17.30 - 18.30

Workshop - Advanced Barbering 2.0
1 timmes "look and learn" workshop
Advanced nivå (rekommenderas för barberare med minst 3 år i yrket)
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A presentation with precision cutting and high modern barbering skills. Dale Ted Watkins and Adee Phelan will show things that is important to achieve the best styles.

Dale Ted Watkins (UK)
He has spent over 30 years pushing forward the boundaries of men’s hairdressing in the UK. Since training and working for Vidal Sassoon, he has worked all over the world cutting celebrities. He has worked as a session stylist on fashion campaigns, music videos, magazine shoots. He is head of education for SKNHEAD London.

Pris: 295 kr ex moms
Max 20 barberare/workshop
Tid: 17:30-18:30

OBS! Inträdesbiljett krävs (150 kr inklusive moms). Den hittar du här!


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