Workshop - Hair & Beard Shaping 1.0

Workshop - Hair & Beard Shaping 1.0

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Workshop - Hair & Beard Shaping 1.0


Kl 16.00 - 17.00

Workshop - Hair & Beard Shaping 1.0 
1 timmes "look and learn" workshop
Basic nivå (rekommenderas för frisörer och nyutbildade barberare)
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Introduction to barbering, this workshop will cover the basics regarding barbering, hair cutting and beard shaping. He will also talk about “the value of the customer”, how you can create a more valuable clientele.

Amin Iranmanesh (SWE)
Came to Sweden from Iran 17 years ago. Trained at Göteborgs Frisörskola, where he also has worked as a teacher. Runs Salong Randevu Barbershop in Gothenburg, open the second barbershop this summer. Swedish Barber of the Year 2018 and won the first barber battle at Nordic Hair Awards 2019. Judge in the semifinals in Swedish Barber of the Year 2019.

Pris: 295 kr ex moms
Max 20 barberare/workshop
Tid: 16:00-17:00

OBS! Inträdesbiljett krävs (150 kr inklusive moms). Den hittar du här!


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